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December 13, 2022

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It’s all too easy to fall into old gifting habits where you select what’s familiar in fear of getting it wrong or to avoid second-guessing yourself, but you have to admit, the best gifts (for yourself or others) are ones that are unexpected, something you might never have thought to get for yourself or something you didn’t realize you needed or loved until it was given to you. This gift guide was curated for just that reason! We wanted to explore gift items that are inspired by Africa and would make beautiful, thoughtful gifts that will add a touch of luxury and interest to any home regardless of the decor style.

Beaded Ostrich Egg

Beaded Ostrich Egg

Flamboyant yet elegant, this beaded ostrich egg is a decorative symbol of prosperity and good fortune in many cultures. Handmade in Cameroon using small glass beads to create a smooth surface with a slightly raised texture, this unique decor piece comes with a stand made out of brass and horn to showcase its beauty from all angles.

Binga Basket Throw Pillow

Binga Throw Pillow

If you’re familiar with the Binga baskets from Zimbabwe, you will notice that these throw pillows have been inspired by the century-old weaving tradition of Tonga women. The black and white pillows are handmade in Zimbabwe from 100% cotton. The neutral black and white design suits can be easily added to any decor style that could use an accent of printed texture.

Paper Mache Swazi bowl

Swazi Bowl

If you have a sustainable gift in mind, look no further than these paper mache bowls molded by hand in Swaziland using waste paper pulp. The striking design is simple and exemplifies minimalist modern design with a touch of African traditionalism. It is lightweight and food safe and the material does not break into sharp pieces making it child and pet-safe too.

Baobab Manja Candle

Baobab Manja Candles

Baobab candles tick all of our boxes! They are luxurious, beautifully crafted, and are inspired by Africa. The hand-crocheted black, natural, and gold raffia Manja candle is named after the word for “beauty” in Malagasy, and its fruity perfume is will transport you to the warmth of a summer night in Africa.

Baobab Matchbox Feathers

Baobab Matchbox Feathers

You can’t get a candle without getting the matches. Pair your Manja candle with Baobab’s Feathers Matchbox adapts Yann Legendre’s stunning “Feathers & Warriors” mural that brings the African landscape to life in a black and white illustration to suit any design aesthetic.

The Elegance of Africa Elephant Head Ujamaa

Swarovski Elephant Head

This focal point-worthy elephant head by Swarovski made from Crystal, metal, and wood is named after the Swahili word Ujamaa, which means ‘kinship’ – a reference to the strong family bonds formed by elephants. Gift it to the person in your life that loves beautiful objects and African design.

Namji African Fertility Doll

The Fertility dolls made by the Namji tribe in Cameroon were traditionally kept as good luck charms. They were used to help prepare young women for motherhood and were kept by older women to promote fertility. These treasured heirlooms are made from carved wood and are adorned with glass beads, cowrie shells, and metal strips. 

Nguka Luxury Dinnerware Set

Nguka Luxury Dinner Set

Bring a touch of elegance to any tablescape with the Nguka Luxury Dinnerware Set which is an artistic tribute to traditional Senegalese women and women’s portraiture. The set includes 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 4 bowls, and 4 mugs which bring a striking balance of modern African decor and functional form. 

Blonde Binga Basket

Blonde Binga Basket

Traditionally, these hand-woven baskets from the Binga region of Zimbabwe are woven from natural grasses, mixing dark brown and light fibers to form unique intricate patterns. This more contemporary monochrome version takes an already versatile decor piece and pares it down to one neutral colour that would make any minimalist’s dreams come true.

Kahama Cushion Cover

Kahama Cushion Cover

The beige cotton Kahama cushion cover is inspired by centuries-old traditional African Cloth designs that stand out beautifully against dark and light backgrounds so this is the perfect addition to a neutral base that needs a punch of texture without being overwhelming.  

We hope you discovered new ideas for gifting your loved ones, or yourself this holiday season. Reach out to us if you’d like to talk about how to style these beautiful finds.

Until then, 

Happy Holidays!

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