6 Stunning African Inspired Decor for your kid’s bedroom


February 24, 2022

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The traditional African colour palette is characterised by mature neutrals, mixed with rich, and earthy warm colours, which we appreciate, may not be to your little one’s taste. Broadly speaking, we tend to decorate kids’ rooms in either soft pastels or boisterous primary colours that match the energy of the room’s little residents. With this in mind, our quest for ways to decorate using African, and African inspired pieces for a kid’s bedroom began. 

In this exploration, pink was the order of the day. Using this colourway as the foundation of the room, it was the singular guide for our choices, which kept us focussed as we dropped into our favourite contemporary African Design suppliers, as well as mainstream retailers to curate our choice of perfectly pink pieces for a kid’s bedroom.  

/Decor Idea #1/ Kuba Cloth Floor Pillow

Classic Kuba Cloth Floor Pillow

Kuba cloth is usually identified by its bold black repeated, yet irregular patterns, which originated in the 17th Century, in what is known today as the Democratic Republic of Congo. These pink throw pillows best exemplify the idea of taking traditional African designs and giving them a contemporary feel. It’s a fresh take on the design with just the right amount of whimsy to make it perfect for a kid’s bedroom.

/Decor Idea #2/ The Juju Hat

African Ceremonial Juju Hat

The juju hat is a statement piece like no other. This piece is a ceremonial crown used by the Bamileke people of Cameroon during royal meetings and councils which can take pride of place in a little one’s bedroom and spark interesting conversations about regal fantasies. The texture and visual interest of the feathers’ concentric pattern is a pure delight for the eyes. They come in endless colour options and can be hung on their own or accompanied by complimentary wall decor such as the Rwandan Sisal Baskets.

/Decor Idea #3/WallPaper

Blush Pink Flamingo Lake Wallpaper

Naked walls have no place in a show-stopping room. A well-chosen decorative wallpaper creates warmth and texture in a space, and more so when the pattern inspires imagination and wonder. A caution on the very busy or loud wall coverings, although fun, can limit decor development so our preference leans towards beautiful textures and simple patterns with one or two colours for interest and contrast.

/Decor Idea #4/ Woven Storage Basket

La Jolla Lidded Storage Hampers

You can never have too much storage, whether it’s functional or decorative, there’s always a place for beautifully woven hampers. Get your hands on a single or a set of three, depending on the size of the room and stuff it with toys, cushions and throws for an instantly neat room with minimal effort. The bonus? These Baskets are drool-worthy pretty, lid on(hiding stuff) or off.

/Decor Idea #5/ The Wall basket

Large Starburst Rwandan Giving Basket

Probably one of the most ubiquitous pieces in the world of African inspired decor, the wall baskets that are woven across many African tribes, come in a fantastic array of colours to suit any design preference. From minimalist to maximalist, and every eclectic stripe in between there are endless ways to style these beauties. This pink starburst design is charming in its simplicity and is a unique way of having a star theme in a kid’s room.

/Decor Idea #6/ Floor Rug

Pottery Barn Kids Emily & Merrit Zebra Rug

Regardless of your climate, a rug will always be essential in your kid’s room (or any other room for that matter). The visual advantage of rugs is their anchoring effect on a room and if you find the right one, having a soft texture underfoot can provide a space for hours of play, snuggling and sensory play for kids.

/Decor Idea #6/ Cotton Throw

Throw blankets are versatile in function and should be a staple in any living space. We selected a reversible throw that can effortlessly elevate a space with its chic design, whether it is casually strewn across an accent chair, or neatly folded on the end of a bed, this layer of decor is easy to restyle, update and change colours with little impact on time or your wallet.

Styled by SIKA

A word of caution: For a kid’s room, we recommend taking a light approach to the African theme to allow space for some of their beloved characters to be incorporated easily(we’re looking at you L.O.L and O.M.G dolls!). A touch of authentic African pieces here and there conveys the design style without being heavy-handed. So, if you’re stuck on where to start, or need help pulling your room together cohesively, let’s start with a consultation – ask us about #60secondswithSIKA to set you off in the right direction when using African decor.

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