The SIKA Select Design Boxes

Designer approved selection of furniture, accessories and finishings, curated just for you, and delivered to your doorstep.

All the samples and furniture options in each box coordinate perfectly together. It's up to you how you mix, match and combine the options to make your space truly yours.

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This is FOR YOU if you need design direction,clarity and help sourcing better products from an expert who just gets YOUR STYLE.

SIKA Select

This Full Room Design box comes with designer approved selections of furniture, furnishings, fixtures and accessories for fail-proof design. 

SIKA Select Box Contents:
Best option for full room redesign or blank canvas rooms
- Floor Plan with furniture layout
- Mood Board based on your room
- Furniture & Accessory suggestions for your room
- 2 to 3 furniture selection options
- Furniture and Accessory Specification Cards with purchase links and access to proprietary discounts on select items
- Textile, hardware, wall treatment and flooring samples



The Accessory Box that gives your space a much needed refresh. Work around the larger pieces you own with transformative touches .

SIKAccesories Box Contents:
Best for a room refresh using some existing pieces
- Mood Board based on your room
- Accessory suggestions for your room
-Furniture and Accessory Specification Cards with purchase links and access to proprietary discounts on select items
- Textile, paint & wall treatment samples

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Your selection of Contemporary African decor and accessories, sourced from artists, artisans and designers from Africa and the Diaspora,  curated to your tastes.

SIKAfrocentric Box Contents:
Best for those who would like to explore Contemporary African design
- Mood Board based on your room
- Furniture & Accessory suggestions for your room
- Specification Cards with purchase links and proprietary discounts on select items
- Textile, hardware, paint, wall treatment and flooring samples

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Choose between the SIKA Select, SIKAccessories and SIKAfrocentric Design boxes

2. complete the design questionnaire

To kickstart the discovery stage, we ask you to to fill out a Client Questionnaire, which helps us to gather information about your design style preferences, desired design outcome, budget and lifestyle. We will contact you within 1-2 business days to schedule a  call  to discuss  your design and decorating needs in more detail.

4. take photos of your room

3. take measurements of your room

Following our discovery call, we will send you a measuring guide template for you to use when measuring your space to ensure that you send  us measurements of the space to get a good idea of your existing floorplan. We remind you to also measure any furniture items, including accessories you would like to keep in the final design so that we can incorporate them into the plan.

We also ask you to share  3-4 photos of the room  to help us get a better understanding of the architectural nature of the space and a visual of the room, making sure you capture windows, walls;  doors, ceilings and electrical outlets.

5. payment due

Once you have submitted the questionnaire, measurements and photos,  we will collect payment via a secure payment link and we can begin working on your design concept.

6. review your concept board

We will  deliver your concept board via conference call and email within 4-5 days, which will outline the design aesthetic of the space. *Two Revisions are included in the  Bespoke SIKA Select Service Option. Accessory Boxes come with 1 revision only.

Once the final revisions, have been submitted, we will begin curating your design box that will include the  Concept Board,  Floor Plan , physical samples or swatches, itemized Shopping cards with 2-3 Product recommendations  for furniture, as well as links to shop  each item directly from the retailer. Depending on the Design Service you choose, the current turnaround time is approximately 10 - 15 days from the date of your completed questionnaire and receipt of residence photographs and payment. 

Your final Design Package will be delivered to your physical address and your Product Recommendations will also be provided via a Shoppable PDF file.

7. Box curation & Delivery

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Between our Bespoke and Seasonal Design service offerings you'll get the design you've always wanted, without the headache of doing it yourself.

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